Saturday, 26 March 2016

Holy Fail Drugstore Items

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog. I hope you're having a wonderful day. Today's post is similar to last week's, however this week I have chosen to talk about my holy fail drugstore products. These are products that haven't worked well for me. They may work well for you, but personally they disappointed me in some way, and I have chosen to share these products with you.

Starting with face products, I was disappointed by the NYC Smooth Skin primer. This primer made my face look very glittery, which made it look shiny, even after applying powder. I also found that it didn't prolong the staying time of the makeup, and it didn't really make much of a difference for foundation application.
Next, I was disappointed by two drugstore concealers. Firstly is the Makeup Revolution The One concealer (£3), which is a dupe for Benefit's Fake Up. This concealer is very low coverage, and after applying it there was no visible difference to the areas I had tried to conceal. I also didn't like the feel of the concealer, when I was applying it and blending it in.
The other holy fail concealer is from MUA, and it is the under eye concealer (£3). This concealer was disappointing because it has glitter in it, and the glitter makes it obvious that concealer has been applied, as no matter how many other products I put over it, the glitter was still visible.
I also didn't get on well with the Garnier BB cream. Despite getting the shade light, it was far too dark for my skin tone. I think the reason I was so disappointed was because it was £9.99, when I could have bought a different product that was better suited to my skin tone for that price.
The next two products are from Collection. I love the majority of their products, however these two were particularly disappointing. First there is the Cover And Go foundation and concealer duo (£5.99). This is such a handy product to have in your bag, as it has a foundation, concealer, and a little mirror in the lid. However, it doesn't provide a lot of coverage, and I would prefer just to wear the lasting perfection concealer from Collection, as it costs less. 
The next face product is the Collection Bronze Glow mosaic bronzer (£2.99). This bronzer is also very glittery, and I prefer a matte bronzer. It is also a very light colour for a bronzer.
The final disappointing product is from Primark, and it is the loose face powder (£2.00). This product settles into pores and fine lines, and it makes my concealer crease even if I use it to bake. I would rather pay an extra £1 to buy the loose powder from Collection, as there is such a difference in the quality of the products.

Next, onto eye products. Firstly, there is the MUA eyebrow pencil, which was £1. This product is very waxy, and it can come out very clumpy in the eyebrows. It also comes in very few colours, meaning it is not an exact match for my eyebrow colour.
I also don't like the Rimmel Scandal Eyes liquid eyeshadow. I don't know why I chose to get a purple shade, but I found that when I blended it out the majority of the product was absorbed by the brush, or my finger, and it blended away. I do want to try another shade, to see if the same thing happens.
Now for mascara. I have two mascaras that were extremely disappointing. The first one is from Max Factor, and it is the false lash effect mascara (£10.99). I found that there is quite a lot of product on the mascara wand, and that makes my eyelashes look clumpy. It didn't separate my lashes as I hoped it would, and I would prefer to buy a different mascara for a lower price.
The other mascara is from Kiko, and it is the Luxurious Lashes mascara, which was £7.20. I really like the way this mascara applied, and I liked the overall effect. However I found that after wearing it for a few hours it made my eyelashes really dry, and it could be peeled off.

Finally, these are the lip products that didn't work for me. The first one is the EOS lip balm in the flavour Lemon Drop (£6.50). I wanted to love this product, as it was quite a lot of money for a lip balm. However, I found that it was quite waxy, and it wasn't very moisturising, and I know that there are better lip balms on the market which cost a lot less money.
The next lip product is from the Tanya Burr range, and it is in the shade Daydream. I love the formulation of Tanya's lipglosses, however I found that this colour didn't really suit me, as it was far too pale.
The final disappointing product is from Forever 21, and it is a lipgloss, which was £1.50. This lipgloss is pink, but it also has bits of coloured glitter in it. I also found that it was extremely sticky, and that made it hard to apply.

So that's it for today's post, I hope you enjoyed it. There is no hate intended in this post, I am just sharing my opinion on a few products which didn't work as well as I hoped they would.
Much love, Cara xxx.

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