Saturday, 2 January 2016

Rose Gold makeup

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog, I hope you're having a wonderful day. I hope you all had an excellent Christmas and New Year, and are excited to see what the new year may bring. Today's post is a rose gold makeup tutorial.
These are the products I used to create this look. As usual, I started off with a primer (from MUA) to ensure my makeup will last. I then used a high coverage foundation, rather than a medium coverage. I used the L'Oreal infallible foundation, as this is one of my favourites. I then used a highlighting concealer under my eyes to brighten the area. After this, I set everything in place with a pressed powder, from MUA.  
I then lightly contoured, as a gentle contour is better for winter to give your skin a healthy glow. To finish the face makeup, I used a highlighter from the Makeup Revolution highlighter palette. All of these highlighters are extremely pigmented, and they are perfect to help your skin glow. 
For the eye makeup, I chose to use the w7 In the Nude palette, as this is a dupe for the Naked 3. This palette is full of pink and rose gold shades, so I applied a few of these to create a rose gold eye look. I started off by applying a pink shade all over my eyelid, and then a rose gold shade in the outer half of my eye. I worked a gold shade through my crease, to add some definition to my eye and to make it stand out a bit more compared to the pinky shades. In the outer corner of my eye I applied a light brown shade, and blended everything together. I then applied a few coats of the maybelline great lash mascara, before filling in my eyebrows with the Primark eyebrow powder. 
To complete the look, I applied the Ted Baker lip & cheek tint to my lips, as this is a glittery pink shade which went perfectly with the eye look.  
This is the finished makeup look. I think that rose gold is such a nice colour and can be worn at any time in the year. 

So that's it for today's post, I hope you enjoyed it. 
Much love, Cara xxx

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